Sponsor Spotlight: The Bicycle Shop

Sponsor Spotlight – The Bicycle Shop The Bicycle Shop and The Bicycle Shop South are two great, local shops dedicated to customer service. Tom Townsend and his friendly crews go out their way to make Rocketchix ladies feel at home and get them ready for race day, confident in their bike and their biking abilities….

Giving Back: Inner City Swim

RKF Supported Programming – Inner City Swim Program Crawfish Aquatics Inner City Swim Program provides swim lessons and transportation for two-week session of swim lessons for at-risk children, ages 3 – 17 years old (and some adults!). These children are actively part of other outreach programs and are often from single parent homes. The program…

2015 Training Directory

Tri-Training – Adult SWIM-BIKE-RUN: Woman’s Center for Wellness – Baton Rouge Contact: Jamie Semien, MHA (Fitness Services Supervisor);  Women’s Center for Wellness;   Phone 225-924-8944;   8-week Beginner Triathlon Training Program When: July 1st – 23rd, Mondays & Wednesdays, 5:00am – 6:30am Registration: Fees: Members-$250, Non-members-$325 Deadline: May 29th  (Max number of participants is 14)…

Scheduled Events